The end of every year is an exciting time for AIKOLians. There is the promise of good food, competitions to show off one’s athletic prowess in, artistic efforts, and academic gatherings – some on home turf, and all in the name of AIKOLFEST. AIKOLFEST is an annual event organised by the Law Students’ Society here, and for AIKOL Festival 2017, which will run from 23rd October-6th November, a total of nine programmes are set to take place.

Thanks to the International Secretariat, there will be an art exhibition aimed at fostering better understanding between people from different backgrounds. As for students with talent clicking behind the lens, take part in the Kindness Challenge Photography Contest! While you might win something from that contest, do not forget to give back to the community – the Grand Kitchen is here to give you an avenue to do just that. You cook some, you give some.

Then there is the Lex Bazaar, which of course needs no introduction. Look forward to attending your post-lunch tutorials with hands laden with food! And also to the less appealing prospect of not being able to decide between Econs café or nasi kerabu for lunch…

And who says law students are hopeless at artistic endeavours? Although you can be sure most of us indeed are (sorry not all of us were born Beyoncés), some of us prove the contrary. Grab a ticket for the annual staging of the Mock Trial, this year narrating the story of infamous gangster Botak Chin.

Another thing that can be approached through arts is religion. Pentas Dakwah challenges students to be creative in spreading the message of Islam the right way.

Arts aside, something to get your intellectual side working is the day-long symposium on Islam and human rights. Does the wearing of headscarves infringe on your rights as a human being? Discover the answers at the Human Rights Symposium.

Next you have a workshop aimed at students’ professional development. Find out how to prepare a resume that helps you stand out, dress appropriately and perform well in interviews in the ALSA Professionalism Workshop.

Rounding all of these programmes up is the Ahmad Ibrahim Cup. For this you will have to employ your skills in a court where a referee, not a judge, calls the shots.

Here’s a rundown of the happenings (you’re welcome):

What? Where? When? How?
Together We Can Change the World (art exhibition) Convest Hill 25-26th October
Kindness Challenge Photography Contest


25th October – 2nd November
Grand Kitchen Convest Hill 27th October Pay an entrance fee of RM5
Lex Bazaar AIKOL,Convest Hill 23rd-27th October
Mock Trial Main Auditorium, IIUM Gombak 6th November Pay RM8 for a ticket
Pentas Dakwah 24th, 25th, 28th October and 2nd November
Human Rights Symposium Moot Court, AIKOL 4th November Pay an entrance fee of RM10 for IIUM students and RM15 for non-IIUM students
ALSA Professionalism Workshop 5th November Pay an entrance fee of RM6
Ahmad Ibrahim Cup

– Futsal and basketball for brothers, and basketball and netball for sisters

Male and Female Sports Complexes 29th October

Clear your calendars, guys – AIKOLFEST is here!