It was a dark and gloomy night, and the wind was blowing as soft as silk carrying the dreams and hopes of the people of world. Only the moonlight’s silver glow lights up while lessening the inky blackness of the night, but not so bright as to dull the stars that speckled and glittered above. Somewhere in one of the meanest part of the world under the beam of moonlight stands a girl alone wearing all black while staring at the sky in the balcony of a home. The sound of her awful tears break the peaceful silence of the night.

Who is that girl? Why she is crying? No doubt that anyone who come across this mysterious girl will have their curiosities awakened.

The strange young lady is not even moving an inch she stands there letting the wind caress her long straight hair. To greater surprise she holds something in her hand which is all shinning – it was a magnificent gold mirror! With an unexpected smile on her face, she takes a glance of her own self in the mirror. All she sees was an ugly looking face with a nose like a witch’s, scars and as she sees all this, her smile slowly fades away. Tears again well in her eyes which were the bluish-steel of a midwinter sky. She quickly shuts the mirror and drops it. Stepping inside her bedroom and running as fast as she could from the balcony, she throws herself onto her bed, leaving the shattered pieces of the mirror on the floor of the balcony.

In bed, she tries to fight her own thoughts by turning into a warrior destroying the monsters inside her. She closes her eyes tightly, trying not to remember all the words thrown at her by her friends at school. “Hey you, hideous looking creature!” they would shout.

“Why did God create me this way? Was I born only to be ugly?” she cries aloud. All of a sudden, she hears loud knocks on her room’s door. “Sweetheart, are you alright? Please open the door,” begged her mother on the other side of the door. The girl runs to open the door. Her mother stands there in shock looking at the tears flowing down her cheeks. “Mother, mother, mother…wh..wh..why did you give birth to me if you knew I’ll be ugly? Why didn’t you just kill me once I was born? This world is the biggest lie, no one is going to accept me for my heart!” cries the girl. Slamming the door, she leaves her mother standing speechless.

The girl cries her heart out. Slowly, she falls asleep. Unexpectedly, a bright light appears before her. It feels divine and magical. From afar, a voice greets her. “My dear, what is your wish?” asks the unknown voice.

“Happiness! All I want is to be eternally happy. But why I can’t be that way?” replied the girl.

“Why are you looking for it, when it has always been within you – inside you?” the voice replies.

The girl awakens in curiosity. It was a mere dream. She looks in the mirror located at the corner of her room. She walks tall as she has achieved victory. This time she looks at the mirror with a smile, realising that she has won the battle. It’s true, the mirror’s reflection is just a tale which never exists, but the person who stands before it is real and of true value. Not by the looks, but by what is hidden from the world – the soul…