Life has been great since I’m the kind that just dives into the ocean. I don’t think much because I don’t live to regret. If something messes up, I don’t dwell much because I always treat the downfalls as learning curves towards improvement and ultimately, the success I’ve always aimed for. An instance to portray my behavior is the decision I made to enter boarding school. I never discussed it with my mother and I just applied after PMR, just because. I thought, “why not?” If I get it that’d be exciting, if I don’t get it, life in Selayang with my integrated group of friends in St Mary’s was great enough. Turns out I got accepted and mother went frantic for applying behind her back. But eventually, she gave in.

You see, I go for opportunities in life because I’m constantly hungry for more. This hunger somehow suppresses the fear in me to try new and challenging things. But the only thing that keeps me stagnant when I come to think about it would be thinking about my future career. Studying law was the best decision I made and I’m proud of myself for deciding on this path. But I’ve never pondered so long on something like how much time I’ve spent to worry about where I should opt for after my degree years.

People say it’s too soon to worry and I should just go with the flow and see where law takes me. But no! My life depends on this decision, do I become a corporate lawyer from 8 o clock in the morning till 7 pm every day on repeat? Or do I become a lawyer who doesn’t sleep at night and takes extremely short naps while waiting for the traffic light to be green? Or do I choose the repetitive and patterned life of conveyancing at a small law firm and going back with good cash because it’s good business?

These questions haunt me while my interest fluctuates on a daily basis which both don’t help at all! One day I see myself going up and down the courtroom, the next day I just want to sit in my own office at my own corporate company. And because of these severe indecisiveness, I interned at an oil and gas corporate company called Petroleum Nasional Berhad or better known as PETRONAS over the semester break.

I can say it’s a challenge. Especially only being in my second year, I’ve yet to learn many areas of the law related to the oil and gas industry. I’ve been assigned to a senior legal counsel under the ‘Refining and Trading’ department so my legal interactions are mainly commercial. New words and scientific jargons are thrown in my face since (1) I haven’t studied commercial law and (2) I have no idea about the oil and gas industry!

But I am blessed for having supervisors as kind as Janice and SK. They acknowledge my purpose of interning which is to learn about legal advising in corporate companies. This industrial training really does feel like a training because they include me in all of their consultations, meetings and discussions. They give me legitimate law work and encourage me to study the law at the same time applying it in the work that I do.

As a result of this internship, I hope that I got at the very least a slight idea of how life is as a legal advisor in a corporate company because this will be my only chance to venture this world before I have to come to a conclusion. I’ve always aimed to intern before my real internship programme under AIKOL when I reach my third year. During that time, my options would be narrowed down to litigation and law firms. My advice for my friends or juniors would be that if you have the chance and time, do as many internships as you can before graduating. One internship during the third year would be just a miniscule portion of experience that you can gain. Just in the first week of my internship, I got to look into so many new areas of the legal profession. You just got to go for it sometimes.