The annual Student Representative Council (SRC) election made its round again a short while back. For this tenure, four contestants were nominated to compete for the AIKOL constituency. Prior to the voting day, all four nominees stood on one stage and presented their manifestos in the quest of gaining the trust and confidence of voters. Despite the downpour, one can tell from the hubbub that there were surges of energy and excitement among the crowds. The turnout exceeded expectations! There were even members of the audience standing, not minding the lack of seats.

The floor was first given to the sole male candidate, Nursyazely.

Nursyazely or more familiarly known as Alang brought out the most manifestos; all simple and short yet actually focusing more on the  student welfare. Declaring himself as an independent candidate, Alang desires for a proper punishment upon irresponsible acts within the society. He aspires for the oath against bribery practices by the MACC to be carried out in most IIUM organisations to assure transparency of decisions made by the SRC or the IIUM administration for students’ knowledge, other than to alter propaganda. Alang also planned to minimise the bureaucracy within the kulliyyah and between the university managements and students. Not to forget, Alang also ran his campaigns in more environmentally-friendly ways.

The second candidate to defend her manifesto was sister Nurul Ain Asyiqin. The continuous downpour throughout the session did not manage to cool down the burning spirit of this candidate in delivering her manifestos. Evidently, her ardent presentation was uplifting, and her stance before delivering her speech was one of practiced ease. As the Assistant Secretary General 1 of the Law Students’ Society Session 2016/2017, she should be at home in the public eye, and she was. As she delivered her manifesto, it seemed evident that she was a candidate with a clear-cut vision. Asyiqin thought of the students’ welfare holistically, taking into account the needs of busy students, as well as the needs of those who are financially-underprivileged. She also vouched for educating the public on legal issues or changes in law as a way of reaching out to the community. Her pedagogical leanings appear most admirable. It was echoed by other candidates, who champion for vigorous intellectual pursuits among the students as well. During her turn, she answered questions directed at her with exactitude and poise. Her enthusiasm made it crystal that she was completely visional of the position she was going for.

Nabilatul Husna Shamsul Munir, another competing candidate, brought to the table the idea that ordinary students could also stand out and bring about differences in the society; everyone could feel and be extraordinary. Her manifestos were organised, and were dedicated not only to the university community as a whole, but also addressed issues of the law students of AIKOL and the sisters of IIUM. Furthermore, she also included few important aspects as part of her manisfestos such as by cultivating the identity of IIUM through programmes and enforcing existing rules in the university, specifically concerning the wearing of matric cards and upholding the IIUM song in every occasion. Nabila also aspired to bring food and drinks vending machines to AIKOL considering the convenience and amenity longed for. Remaining calm in delivering her manifestos, Nabila managed to make them sound idealistic yet realisable.

Atikah Anawa, a third year candidate, was the last nominee to present her manifestos in this session. Despite her anxiousness, Atikah was enthusiastic and excited for her candidacy. Through her presentation on her manifesto, she demonstrated a friendly poise without sugarcoating. In addition, Atikah was straightforward and honest in her speech by acknowledging the hardships she would face. Her speech on her manifesto included ideas to expose students from AIKOL to career prospects through events and festivals. Furthermore, she prioritised on improving students’ facilities by planning to establish e-banking kiosks in mahallahs. Lastly, she presented on her idea to promote the integration of  knowledge in each kulliyyah. In short, it may be said that this would mean an AIKOL student would not only possess knowledge from their kuliyyah but would possess an edge in other subjects as well.

We approached Dr. Mahyuddin, the Deputy Dean of Student Affairs in AIKOL, to comment on the situation by comparing it to that which took place during his time in IIUM. “The student activism was lively even back when I was studying,” he said.  He added that the supporters were in larger numbers today as compared to previous elections, noting that the supporters of the candidates included students from different kulliyyahs as well.


Exactly two days after the manifesto presentation at AIKOL Speaker’s Corner tailed by a rally session where the candidates continued their restless struggle in projecting their manifestos, the voting day finally came. However, the highlight for the day was definitely the winners’ announcement! All four nominees had done their best in expressing themselves and their manifestos, yet only two of them would be chosen to represent the AIKOL Constituency in the SRC.

Approximately around 11pm, three hours after the time it should have commenced, announcement of the winners for the election started.

Congratulations Atikah Anawa and Nursyazely Zahari!

Commenting on her win, Atikah, who is now also the new Chairperson of SRC’s Welfare Secretariat said, “I want to remind myself that I have an amanah now. I will do my best in carrying out my duties and responsibilities, in addition to making good on promises made”.

As for Syazely, a self-made representative who received an overwhelming amount of support from his peers, plans will be in motion soon for his vision of ceasing political proxies and eliminating enmity within AIKOLians.

On the other hand, fate seemed to have other plans for both Nabila and Asyiqin.  Expressing gratitude for fellow AIKOLians who supported them throughout the election, both Nabila and Asyiqin are confident that there will be other channels to administer their respective promises and aspirations.

Students of AIKOL and IIUM in general can now look forward to a promising and exciting new academic year. The election for the AIKOL constituency of the Students Representative Council 2017/2018 Session was a memorable one, and we will be looking forward to both Atikah and Syazely’s promises to be delivered through great actions by way of a good medium!