“As a Muslim, do you think being in the music scene will leads one to a darker path?”

“Yeah it’s undeniable in some scenes, it can actually lead people to do unruly things but in any case, it depends on the will of the person itself. Let’s say prayers, for example, that’s a very individual responsibility for any individual, right? I don’t see any problem when it comes to music because I have seen people who are at concerts and gigs, and when it is time for prayers, they will eventually go to the surau or the mosque. And to be honest, surau(s) and mosques are very easily accessible right now. We can even pray anywhere. I wouldn’t say that the music scene is a cause for people to not follow the religion or not to practice their religion adequately because in the end it comes down to the individual itself. If they know what they are following is right then they should follow it. They don’t have any other reason to say that ‘oh because I’m doing this then I cannot pray. That’s bs.”