The end of the year is upon us and it is always an important time for AIKOLIANS. This period of time is when the competition of capability and credibility, the battle of ideas and the art of persuasion reaches its peak as new aspiring leaders strive to compete in the race to be the best and beat the rest through the LAWSOC General Election.

The LAWSOC General Election is where the next generation of AIKOL student leaders are born and will bear the burden of making the hopes and inspirations of fellow AIKOLIANS a reality, while providing a bridge between the students and the authorities. This year, the election period will be held from 20th-30th of November 2017.

It is with this note that the previous tenure, LAWSOC 2016/2017, would like to sign off. The current tenure believes that they had given their best efforts, individually and collectively throughout the period of being in the tenure. More than 80 events have been organized, divided equally based on five holistic visions (Welfare, Intellectualism, Integration, Volunteerism and Islamization).

From the National Law Symposium to distributing free food, LAWSOC IIUM 16/17 have put in a massive amount of effort which should be evidence of their commitment in upholding the abovementioned holistic visions.

Despite all of the achievements, I acknowledged that they are only human and throughout the tenure, there existed problems and weaknesses that needs managing and solving.

I hope that the new tenure will put in their best efforts towards addressing these problems and uphold the honour of this great Kulliyyah.

Our involvement in LAWSOC IIUM is not to gain popularity, personal influence and strengthen any interest group but it is an opportunity to give back to society and develop our own character.

A LAWSOC IIUM member will learn how to negotiate out of sticky situations and ensure that management is stable and relations between students are not hostile.

So come! Join the election and contribute for the betterment of AIKOL.

The best people deserve the best leaders.

I believe, it is Us.

Ahmad Farhan Bin Rosli,

2nd Year 1st Semester.

Chairperson of Publication & Promotion Secretariat,

Law Students’ Society IIUM 2016/2017.