We Give You Our Champions!

We Give You Our Champions!

Written by Athirah Md Noor and Balqis Rahim   The whole of AIKOL community, from freshmen to graduating seniors had come together as they voted for their favourite candidate in the running for the 2015/2016 Student Representative Council General Election. Crowds of people stormed the Moot Court to cast their vote and it showed no...
Adibah: Advocate of Education and Student Welfare Reformation

Adibah: Advocate of Education and Student Welfare Reformation

Written by Adani Sobri Good things really do come in small packages. Whilst our only female election candidate settled her petite self quietly in a chair for her interview, her presence is undeniably notable.
Hiqmar's Endeavours towards Mindset Change

Hiqmar’s Endeavours towards Mindset Change

Written by Nadira Nazneen One of our candidates for this year, Muhammad Hiqmar Danial is a man of immense vision for change, “It doesn’t really matter if I win or lose” he said, as long as a significant change could be seen amongst us after this, he’ll be content.
Aiman Azahan: The Man Who's Willing to Fight for You

Aiman Azahan: The Man Who’s Willing to Fight for You

Written by Najwa Wira He carries himself with humility and firm confidence, conveying his ideas in eloquent manner and with conviction. He is Muhammad Aiman Bin Azahan, or is better known as Aiman Azahan. Hailing from Kota Bharu, he was an exemplary student during his schooling days in Sultan Ismail College (SIC) by scoring straight...
Ulya's Call For Transformation

Ulya’s Call For Transformation

Written by Alin Roslee A born leader, Ulya Aqamah bin Husamuddin has been championing for equality, diversity and inclusion since his high school days at the Royal Military College (RMC), where Ulya started his debating career and subsequently brought glory to his alma mater, reaching insurmountable heights in various debate competitions.